Works everywhere:

inSPIRE city, the clever solution for urban design.

Mobile services supply, sustainable energy, individual illumination:
Create new potential for your urban space with your inSPIRE.

Mobile service antenna

Optimum mobile network coverage.
inSPIRE enhances mobile services effectively.

Flexible advertising space

Advertising pillar of the 21st century the membrane of the inSPIRE can be replaced easily and upon request be equipped with a customized imprint – e.g. for particular events or rent out attractive advertising space with your inSPIRE.


Design pedestrian areas, locations and places:
the inSPIRE illumination is fitted to your requests.


First place to go:
internet access enables passers-by and tourists to browse en route.


Time to relax:
choose the inSPIRE foundation with a bench and create room for a time-out.

Wind turbine

Show your true colours:
The noiseless Helix wind turbine creates sensation and generates green power already with just a light breeze.

Custom-made configuration

You require additional features for your inSPIRE city – e.g. information displays or a surveillance system?
We present you with the optimal custom-made solution.