inSPIRE business, the clever solution for your company appearance.

Use of alternative energies, attractive advertising, reliable mobile services: inSPIRE is a big plus for your business

Flexible advertising space

State-of-the-art design: we imprint the membrane of the inSPIRE according to your request. It can easily be replaced; hence, your advertisement matches the seasons, events or products.

Wind turbine

Set an example: admit to sustainability and green energy. The innovative and noiseless Helix wind turbine generates power already with just a light breeze.


Spotlight your company: upon request, we equip your inSPIRE business with an individual illumination.


Best service: offer your business partners and customers reliable internet access

Charging station

Also smartphones and notebooks need to recharge after long working hours – not a problem with the optional charging station.


Take a break:
the foundation with an integrated bench offers space for a time out and meeting place.

Mobile service antenna

Optimum mobile network coverage.
inSPIRE enhances mobile services effectively.

Custom-made configuration

You require additional features for your inSPIRE business – e.g. information displays or a surveillance system? We present you with the optimal custom-made solution.